What you can expect with the new MyFWP app

HELENA – It’s that time of year when Montana residents need to renew their fishing and hunting licenses. But this year, Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is changing things up a bit and giving people a digital option to stay legal and organized.

“This new app is essentially a digital wallet, so it’s a way for people to store their licenses, permits or e-tags in an app,” Dillon Tabish, FWP’s regional communications and education program manager, told MTN.

Don’t worry, if cellphones aren’t your thing, this app doesn’t replace traditional paper tags. People can still buy them and print them or get them in person. This app is just another option for hunters and anglers to stay organized. But be careful if you decide to go paperless this year. Especially with hunting.

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“Once you’ve basically gone for the E-Tags, you’ve downloaded them to your phone, and then it’s hunting season and you’re hopefully harvesting a nice deer or elk and instead of now notching your paper tag, removing the date, you’re basically going through the validation process on your phone,” Tabish said. “And there are three prompts, and it’s a way, kind of a fail-safe way to make sure that you don’t accidentally validate your E-Tag. Because you only want to validate your E-Tag when I would say the only little hiccup we’ve had so far with this app rollout is that some people are confused in validating what this validation means, so we’re really trying to clear people up, validate the E-Tag is like notching your paper tag, and you obviously don’t want to validate your E-Tag until you’ve harvested your animal, so those safeguards are in place to try to prevent people from just clicking and not realizing that they are validating their E-Tag.”

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On top of that, if you take your pet to a taxidermist or processor, you will have a confirmation number which you will get with your E-Tag validation. This will go with the animal instead of a paper tag to ensure you are covered if a game warden pulls over.

“We are always looking for ways to improve customer service and efficiency so that what we provide to our customers is simple and also helps give them the things they are looking for,” Tabbish said. “More and more hunters and anglers have their phones with them in the field and so an app like this where they can keep all their licenses, permits and e-tags in one convenient place and seems like a natural evolution for our agency provide this as an option and that’s the important part it’s just an option we’re not going to force anyone to use the app it’s just another tool for them if they want to use it .

The app will work without cell service, and FWP knows this is new technology, so if you make a mistake using it, let them know.

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