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WHEELS, W.Va., November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – TROY Group, Inc., a global leader in document security and secure MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) check printing solutions, has released a cloud version of its AssurePay software designed to enhance security and streamline on-demand check printing.

The new cloud-based version of AssurePay offers businesses greater flexibility, allowing authorized users to securely access the software via a browser from virtually anywhere. AssurePay Cloud allows users to view and authorize check batches on the go from any desktop, tablet or mobile device connected to the network or the Internet. By moving to AssurePay Cloud, organizations can also reduce their IT costs by minimizing (or eliminating) the need to keep software installed on servers. Maintenance is further simplified as updates to the web application will be installed automatically, with little or no downtime, downtime or downtime.

TROY AssurePay Cloud Edition provides users with unmatched security, control and functionality for the internal security of the check printing process. The software streamlines the production of corporate checks, encrypts and controls all signatures with multiple backup options, and works with custom blank check inventory for businesses. AssurePay Cloud also eliminates the need to sign or sort checks by hand. When the batch is authorized, the checks are printed with all the information, including bank details as well as the MICR line, logos and signatures. For more flexibility in processing payments electronically, AssurePay Cloud fully supports Positive Pay, allowing users to export files ready to be sent to the bank.

“We are delighted to now offer a state-of-the-art, highly configurable, low cost of ownership cloud application for our customers,” said Ari Mellon, Vice President of Global Sales at TROY Group, Inc. “TROY’s total commitment to providing businesses with a complete check printing solution is evident. AssurePay Cloud is designed to simultaneously increase operational efficiency while reducing the risk of fraud. “

Implementing AssurePay Cloud with blank check inventory, MICR printer, MICR toner, and digital signatures and logos gives you an end-to-end secure check printing solution. TROY MICR printers combine the functionality of HP with those of TROY to create the most secure MICR printers in the world. TROY MICR Toner Secure enables secure printing of checks with anti-theft technology that prevents alteration of checks.

To learn more about TROY AssurePay Cloud Edition, contact a representative by phone at 304-232-0899, email [email protected] and visit -printing- software / cloud.

About TROY

TROY Group, Inc., an HP OEM Partner, is a global leader in MICR and document security solutions. TROY offers software, secure MICR printers and specialized MICR inks and toners as well as all the components necessary to print secure checks in-house. TROY is the only manufacturer of MICR Toner Secure, the world’s most fraud-resistant MICR Toner ™, which protects checks from fraud with a burglar-resistant security feature. Customers include major US banks, major government and insurance accounts, and businesses of all sizes.

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