‘The Kashmir Files’ leaked online, still available on this app

There is a lot of controversy going on in India over the Kashmir files. The film also made a huge amount of money at the box office. But, now there’s bad news for the filmmakers about The Kashmir Files. The Kashmir Files movie has been leaked online. People can download it very easily. The film’s folder was also made available on the Telegram messaging app. Besides, it has also been uploaded on many websites.

Two sizes of The Kashmir Files have been made available. The size of one file is around 512MB. 480P resolution has been made available in this size. Its second file size is 1.4GB. Its quality is better than 480P. Both files are printed indoors. This means it is known to have been recorded in the movie theatre. He is present on many Telegram channels. The film is making a huge amount of money at the box office, in such a situation, the leak of the film online shocked the makers.

Apart from Telegram, The Kashmir Files is also available on these websites where lots of movies are uploaded with their release. However, it is a bit difficult for the common internet user to download the movie from the website. But it is easily downloaded from Telegram. According to experts, the filmmakers can obtain the legal removal of the film by taking action on these websites and Telegram channels. However, this video file was accessible until the time of writing this news.

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