TELE-SANTA reveals secrets of Santa’s family in new Kindle app

Santa’s Children – Nicholas, Klaus and Sandy use anti-gravity sleds and teleporters to complete new challenges

(Editorial from The Magazine Plus): Austin, TX, December 21, 2021 ( – If your little one has tough questions or doubts that Santa Claus can be real, TELE-SANTA will answer all of these technical issues for you.

A lot of people don’t even know that Santa Claus has a family. Yes, two sons – Nicholas and Klaus, plus a daughter, Sandy. She even has an anti-gravity talking sled named Blaise. Mom, Sara helps run the domed North Pole Estate.
One day, while they were sitting at the command center, they received a message about Zwerkin’s family, his boss Snavely trying to take their house and help needed to complete the TV FATHER CHRISTMAS game. Zwerkin’s children, Bethany and Silvin, had written the letter using something new and quick: e-mail.
Despite Mom’s objections, Santa sends Sandy and Klaus to fix the problem. Sandy meets Zwerkin and falls in love while discovering his most important invention – a Teleportation device it could really help Santa Claus.
Snavely is a very evil guy. He wants to take over Christmas. He sings a talking blues song about “Deer Skewers and Deer Antler Soup” as he dons a black Santa costume and becomes Snavely claws!
Sandy is surprised when Santa Claus invites Zwerkin to the North Pole to demonstrate the teleporter. Zwerkin assures him that the device is safe even though he hasn’t tried it on a human yet. Despite some transmogrification, Zwerkin arrives dazed and confused with most of his clothes missing. When he is well, Santa Claus sings of longevity and wealth in his theme song “Perspectivity”. Santa Claus says, “It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it.”
Bethany and Silvin are also brought to the North Pole. When Chief Engineer Elf Jan fixes the TELE-SANTA game – Silvin decides that they will be the heroes if they teleport home, deliver the TELE-SANTA game to Snavely, and save their home. Unfortunately, Snavely captures them, steals the teleporter and happily heads to the North Pole to face Santa Claus and take over … and he brought a founder!

TELE-FATHER CHRISTMAS The eBook is now available for immediate delivery to Kindle app readers at and the 118-page book is available in the full-color print version. Interactive Kindle devices can read a range of sound effects and 10 songs to listen to while you read. Earlier devices and the printed version can do the same through an online web page. For many, the Kindle download is free or available for $ 2.99. The printed version is $ 18.99.
Here are some sample pages including the song “Teleporting” and sound effects:

This is the third book by author / musician / artist Robert Battaile. He pulled out a coloring book titled “DoodleX2 therapy” Last year. Filled with whimsical designs, the book is designed for both right-handed and left-handed people. He transformed one of the designs, “Travis Takes A Jaunt” into a 5 inch tall statue that is currently on display at Cedar Park TX Sculpture Garden. More artwork is available as t-shirts, mugs and more on His children’s book “Tootster’s Amazing Adventure” is written from the perspective of an escaped parrot and is based on a true story.
His original CD of 10 Robert B + songs » is available for download from most music providers. Battaile lives near Austin and is commissioner of the Austin Bocce League.

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