People’s Leasing and Finance launches credit and ‘Dcheque’ app

People’s Leasing and Finance PLC has launched two digital apps to provide online leasing facilities and to digitize and decentralize the check printing process. This new Capp application will help provide lending institutions with online approval through a seamless process improving customer turnaround times.

Dcheque is another digital transformation initiative developed by People’s Leasing IT team in partnership with People’s Bank. This new payment proposal includes SLIPS, CEFT, RTGS options and internal funds transfers.

This solution is designed and interfaced with People’s Bank to ensure the most secure and controlled way to verify payments issued by the platform. People’s Leasing and Finance PLC’s entire branch network can initiate their own payments digitally with electronic documents through Dcheque. This will facilitate the elimination of the physical signature by allowing digital signature printing, based on a secure approval process.

People’s Leasing Finance President Sujeewa Rajapakse said this is a remarkable milestone for both companies as the entire module has been implemented in-house to successfully eliminate the paper payment process. traditional.

With the implementation of this digital transformation, all People’s Leasing agencies will print their customer checks without delay. Customers can get their checks by their preferred method, regardless of location.

People’s Leasing Deputy Managing Director, ICT (Group), Prabath Gunasena, said: “Data from various credit information resources can often be integrated into the credit application process, which supports the application credit assessment and rating. Moreover, because it is online, the entire process can be integrated with the needs of business, accounting, legal and other departments.

People’s Leasing also recently unveiled its mobile application, PLC Touch, to facilitate a convenient user experience. The state-of-the-art application has some great features including the insurance component.

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