Official Links to Download and Install MWS NIMC Mobile Identity App for Android and iPhone

The MWS NIMC Mobile Identity app is the solution to Nigeria’s ID crisis, it was launched after multiple reviews, security audits and privacy scans. For those unfamiliar with the NIMC Mobile ID app for Android and iOS, we’ve taken the effort to clearly explain everything you need to know about it.

What is MWS NIMC Mobile Identity App

The Mobile Web Service (MSW) application also known as NIMC MobileID is a very useful application which was introduced in 2021, it serves as a new suite of personal identity tokens and services, developed, administered and managed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

This NIMC MobileID, together with your real national ID card, passport, driver’s license and/or voter ID card, is a legal form of identification anywhere in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The NIMC app offers Nigerians and legal residents a safe and convenient way to verify and validate their identity while on the go.

Features of MWS NIMC Mobile Identity App

  1. Module to bind a mobile number to NIN (binding NIN-telephone number)
  2. View a list of mobile numbers linked to your NIN and list of dependents.
  3. Scan an ID with a QR code
  4. Obtain a virtual NIN
  5. Printing of the NIN form
  6. Proper error handling and other performance improvements.
  7. Date filter on audit history list with error handling profile data mismatch during provisioning.
  8. Refresh feature on showMyId page.

How to Use MWS NIMC Mobile Identity App

Before you can start using this application, you need a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identity Management Commission or one of its accredited agents and a mobile phone number (that you used when registering for the NIN) – to receive an OTP to install the Mobile ID application.

For those who have not yet registered their NIN, you can visit NIMC registration centers or your preferred network provider centers to register your national ID number. However, for those who have already registered but cannot remember their NIN, you can dial *346# directly on your phone to retrieve your NIN.

Download MWS NIMC Mobile Identity App

The buttons below will take you to the official mobile app store where you can download the MWS: NIMC MobileID app for Android and iOS.

Android- Download MWS: NIMC MobileID

iOS– Download ‎MWS: personal identifier NIMC

The NIMC Mobile ID app includes a number of features that address the Nigerian ID crisis; nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Since the MobileID application is a valid means of identification within the Federal Republic of Nigeria, just like the physical national identity card, your passport, your driver’s license and/or your identity card voter, you can present it as a means of legal identification to anyone in Nigeria. .

However, here are a few things to consider before presenting your MobileID as a means of identification.

Your ID must be checked on site.

You must not allow anyone to photocopy or scan your MobileID through a scanner.

If they wish to have a copy for their records, they must use their own copy of the NIMC MobileID (which means they also have a NIN), to scan the QR code on the identification page. They can then log in to the portal which will be available at and print the verification sheet.

Your ID is YOURS – so you reserve the right to know who verified your identity and when.

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