News Corp launches new BrainGains puzzle app via Archibald Williams

News Corp has launched Brain Gains, a new puzzle app that lets its audience relax while challenging their knowledge. The launch strategy was led by Archibald Williams, with the campaign including communications across print, digital and social channels.

Responsible for creating an all-new brand of puzzle apps to appeal to News Corp’s entire audience base and covering hundreds of puzzle types and a range of unique features; BrainGains was born.

In the days of Netflix and Instagram, BrainGains was developed for an audience that has become increasingly aware of mindless scrolling and is looking for a fun and relaxing way to unwind – bonus points if it benefits their well-being -to be.

For Archibald Williams, this involved developing a whole brand identity and communication strategy based on the idea that time spent on BrainGains is time well spent. This is backed by scientific research supporting that knowledge-based puzzles and challenges are beneficial for overall brain health.

For the launch, Archibald Williams developed a series of advertisements and communications across print, digital and social channels, heroizing little-known, yet startlingly original facts, spanning everything from science to pop culture. The campaign, which uses the “every brain gain is a good brain gain” campaign line, is rooted in the notion that every new thing you learn improves your brain a little bit.

From there, Archibald Williams developed a rich, thoughtful brand identity that comes to life through every touchpoint of the user experience. Taking it a step further, inspired by some of the world’s favorite personalities, Archibald Williams developed a cheeky, witty, and intelligent brand character who came to life as Belle, the leading lady of BrainGains. Belle is everywhere, from in-app congratulatory messages to push notifications, ad headlines and email subject lines.

Every piece of communication developed, both in the app and in the ad, embodies the thoughtful and intelligent look and feel, creating an engaging and naturally human experience on every level.

Kate Milliken, Managing Director, New Consumer Growth, News Corp, said, “It has been a pleasure to partner with AW to bring the BrainGains brand to life. The team kept the customer at the center of every decision. From brand creation to communications development, we received high quality, entertaining and thoughtful creative – hats off to the design and editorial teams. Thanks to AW’s awesome work and management, what could have been a tricky project went smooth and enjoyable. »

Matt Gilmour, Executive Creative Director, Archibald Williams added, “We have been very fortunate to work with an excellent team of customers to develop and launch the BrainGains product. We had a collective vision to create a brand that stands out with a unique tone of voice, and we can’t wait to see how it will grow and connect with our audience over time.

The agency team:

ECD: Matt Gilmour

Design Lead: Jason Hilzinger

Lead Planner: Kathryn Claughton

Senior Account Director: Stefanie Duhy Copywriter: Annie Bettis

Designer: Andy Reynolds

Customer Team:

Director, Subscriptions: Brendan Collogan

Managing Director, New Consumer Growth: Kate Milliken

Brand Manager: Zac Skulander

Consumer Marketing Manager: Rochelle Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer: Andrew Dawson

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