New app for FreshTest

Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) has launched a brand new app for FreshTest, its MRLs (chemical residues), heavy metals and microbial testing for wholesalers and growers.

The FreshTest app went live on March 1, 2022 and will give every user the ability to access the service and its results in the palm of their hand.

Gail Woods, chief executive of FMA, said the service provided by FreshTest will remain the same, but accessibility has been significantly improved.

“FreshTest is truly a 24/7 self-service process and users can choose to do as much or as little. They can keep all their test results in one place and share them with others, including auditors, or they can always print out the hard copies and do it all themselves,” Woods explained.

“We layered that with new modern security, including multi-factor authentication, which improves data security.”

Woods said many of the corrective actions that happen in food safety audits are because people can’t get their test results. The new app gives users a single place to store and download all of this data.

“No more handwritten forms. No more typing in a form and then emailing it. Users can also see the progress of their tests if they are still pending and results are immediately available once completed by the lab,” Woods said.

The launch of the new app comes in the twenty-first year of the FreshTest program and Woods said it will incorporate all previous results.

“Our employees will have done all the preparatory work and all the data transfer. Some data will be there since 2001, so if you’ve been a FreshTest customer for that long, it will be there and accessible,” Woods said.

Woods said there are also plans to add more features to the app after launch. These include allowing users to search by chemical and find the appropriate test.

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