Lumia phones win exclusive Walmart photo printing app

While there are several ways to print photos from your Windows Lumia phone, the new PhotoMart app is one of the only ways to print your photos at Walmart right from your smartphone.

In reality, PhotoMart is exclusively available for Microsoft’s Lumia phones, the company said.

“Choose your print size (4 × 6, 5 × 7, 8 × 10, 4 × 4, 5 × 5 or 8 × 8), choose the photos you want to print from your filmstrip, then go at the nearest Walmart to collect your fingerprints within an hour, “Microsoft blogger Athima Chansanchai said wrote. “You’ll even get a detailed route to the store. Or, you can order prints while you’re shopping there. You will also be able to crop your photos and apply simple filters from within the app. “

For those who live in rural areas where Walmart (for better or worse) is the only major grocery store, the ability to print a photo while you shop can come in handy. There are other options, however: Walgreens released a Windows Phone app (and Printicular provides an alternative), while FreePrints lets you send 4×6 photos for free. The SmileBooks app offers another choice for printing services.

Granted, photos taken with a Lumia phone should be backed up to OneDrive, where they can be uploaded to a PC and then uploaded to the web app of your choice. Still, this is one more step that the PhotoMart app will save you.

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