iOS 15 and privacy report: a revenge app

Since I installed iOS 15, I have checked the behavior of apps and deleted the ones that spy on my iPad or iPhone the most.
I ordered stuff from Amazon, using Safari and not the app, because that’s one of them.
The item arrived was already damaged
I tried to return it and that’s it..
Easy to get to the return part but now Amazon only offers Purolator and not Canada Post like before.
To drop it off at a Purolator depot is a mess. Only 2 available in Vancouver and 8km from my home, plus the difficulty/cost of driving/parking downtown etc.
I tried to access the webpage of the chat: very difficult to find the link, but I finally got there.
Why do you want to discuss: returning a damaged item
Beachball starts spinning forever. I tried two more times, same story
Choose a different reason: article error. Chat works!
The very nice representative understood and immediately sent me a link to print a label for Canada Post.
I wanted to print it from my iPad: I click on the link that opens safari , log in, and there is a window where I have to prove that it is really me, by downloading only the application. No way I’m using the app
I tried 3 more times. Same story. I go to my computer, download the label and print it.
Meanwhile, I get 4 emails that I need to prove again that it’s me
I was only able to do this from my computer. Safari: not possible
Amazon revenge for not using its app. Mine? I won’t buy from them again.

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