Epos Now’s New App Connects US Third-Party Delivery Platforms to Restaurants – Digital Transactions

With online ordering capabilities now at stake for restaurants, Epos Now, a London-based cloud-based software provider, announced on Monday that it was rolling out its Epos Now Delivery app for restaurants in the United States.

The decision to launch Epos Now Delivery in the US market was driven by the massive growth in online food ordering in general, as well as strong demand for online order in the United States, online food orders account for about 40% of restaurant sales, and American consumers spend an average of 15% more per year on food delivery than on dine-in, according to Epos Now.

Epos Now Delivery connects restaurants to third-party online ordering platforms, such as Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash, directly from their existing Epos Now restaurant management system. Epos Now is partnered with Deliverect, a platform provider that brings together existing online and third-party sales channels into a single account management system, to enable Epos Now Delivery

In addition to facilitating connections to third-party ordering platforms, Epos Now Delivery allows restaurants to track and manage online orders sent directly to delivery partners, allowing restaurant staff to provide more accurate delivery time estimates. delivery to customers, track customer behavior and track the number of deliveries.

The app also claims to help Restaurants manage orders more efficiently in the kitchen by centrally printing online orders in a single, clear format, which can help restaurants make better use of staff, especially in the kitchen, and reduce food waste, explains Epos Now.

Restaurants can also use the app to manage their menus, track inventory, and temporarily move products across multiple platforms and locations. The app also offers analytics to allow restaurants to compare performance across sales channels, locations, and brands.

“Epos Now Delivery is a revolutionary advancement in restaurant technology,” said Jacob Olins, director of strategic partnerships at Epos Now, in a statement. “Using this solution means delivery apps can focus on providing the best possible customer experience, while restaurants using the Epos Now POS system know they can continue to run their business seamlessly. We are excited by what Epos Now Delivery means for restaurants in America.

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