A 10-year-old child develops an application to facilitate the work of lawyers

By Ganesh Bhatt

A 10-year-old prodigy from Vellore in Tamil Nadu has created an app called “E-Attorney” to help lawyers easily manage client information and case details. Through this application, users can log in and add client documents and store other case-related information quickly.

Kanishkar’s father, who is also a lawyer, had great difficulty organizing client details during the pandemic. Therefore, when the young boy had to choose a lesson topic for his coding project, he decided to create something that would help his father. Thanks to ‘E-Attorney’, users can also contact their clients directly and clients, who have access to the application through their lawyer, can also easily consult their case documents stored in the application.

Lawyers are having great difficulty keeping client details organized during the pandemic. | Unsplash

Speaking to IANS, Kanishkar said: “Due to the increased workload, my father came home late every night and when I visited his office from time to time, I saw his juniors and other lawyers. searching for documents, which would lead to further delays.” Lawyers have to perform many tasks such as keeping documents, collecting evidence, talking to clients and also informing them of dates. I wanted my dad to finish his work on time, so he would get home early from the office.

“That’s when I had the idea to create an app to find a solution to this problem. I decided to use my coding knowledge and create an app for my father and other lawyers like him can also easily manage and share their documents. Thanks to “E-Attorney”, they can also keep clients informed. I first created a prototype for this application, which allowed lawyers to connect, capture customer details and store basic information relating to the deal.

However, what started as a small coding project turned into a passion project when Kanishkar won a competition organized by WhiteHat Jr, an online learning platform for children, and received a grant to develop the app. The scholarship money helped Kanishkar’s parents turn “E-Attorney” into a full-fledged child-run business. To take their child’s idea further, they formed a company called PRK Online Solutions and hired a professional technical team to improve the app, so that it could be developed from a prototype to a web app that could be used by lawyers across the country.

Her father, Rajni K., says, “I’ve been using this app for a few weeks. Its features are very useful. We always had to rely on juniors and employees to notify customers of dates, but this app cut our workload in half. It also minimizes errors. Kanishkar’s mentor, Neelkantan S., who helped the young boy with his coding project, said, “The ‘E-Lawyer’ app is a simple yet powerful tool that has the potential to make a big difference in the life of lawyers. Kanishkar has worked hard to ensure that the app can be used to upload documents and interact with clients. Its design is simple yet impressive and it is very easy to use. Now it is focused on the test this app and makes it with no problem.Kanishkar has turned his desire to help his father into a business.He is now excited about the future prospects of this business.

Kanishkar started his entrepreneurial journey by testing the app with five lawyers to make sure everything went smoothly. Currently, he is focusing with his technical team to fix bugs and issues. Since this application will store sensitive information related to legal matters, it will require a number of security measures.

A lawyer, K. Mohan K., who is testing this application, talking about the experience, said, “I have been using this web application for a few days now. The private chat function between lawyer and client is very useful. . Its second advantage is that a lot of research can be done there. Lawyers can easily track their cases through this app. (IANS/MBI)

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